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    Resources at The Right Time   DISCLAIMER: The information in this email is intended to support, comfort and offer holistic suggestions to immune support. It is not intended as any kind of replacement of medical or hospital care.     Dearest clients & friends,  Over the past four and a half months, we have
Essiac Herbal Formula – Powerful Healing Herbs By Weekly newsletter of Practitioners • Issue #14 • View online Anyone who knows me would have heard my feelings about the amazing benefits of this herbal formula. I often send write ups, and this is one reiterates the amazing healing benefits of this sacred Indian herbal formula. I thought it would be


BORON A MAGICAL MINERAL – Issue #16 By Weekly newsletter of Practitioners • Issue #16 • View online Years ago I found this article written by Walter Last. And recently I found it again in my documents folder, and want to share. Boron is a chemical element with the symbol B and atomic number 5. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation and
Diatomaceous Earth Alert – Issue #17 (see more or subscribe) shared from By Weekly newsletter of Practitioners Today I would like to chat about diatomaceous eath and why you should never ingest it. WHAT IS DIATOMACEOUS EARTH? – Well, it is a chalk-like substance that is composed of fossilized diatoms that have formed together into
Picture of swag bag at Portugal Medical Cannabis 19 - Kannabeira
We have been fortunate enough to attend both conferences in Portugal in 2019 and have met some incredible people. This has been an amazing conference! Here are the lectures from Lisbon early in November 2019: We too would like to create more access to medicinal cannabis products.